State Road 37 Improvements

  1. 126th Street

    Phase I, II & III construction on 126th Street & SR 37 have been completed. These phases consisted of temporary pavement and crossovers on SR 37 along with widening 131st Street at Parkside Drive and the construction of the bridge on the west side of 126th Street & SR 37. Utility relocation has been completed as well in this intersection. The next phase of construction will be the excavation of the intersection and construction of the bridge on 126th Street.

    Phase IV construction is underway and is anticipated to be completed in November. During this phase, traffic is restricted on 126th Street across SR 37 with right in and right out for southbound traffic only. Northbound SR 37 traffic will not have access to 126th Street. Two lanes remain in each direction. See the detour route.

    Phase 3 construction of the 126th Street & Ford Drive roundabout is underway and is anticipated to fully reopen by the end of October. During this phase, the center of the roundabout will be constructed. Some flagging will take place during this time. See the temporary restrictions map

    146th Street
    Phase 1 construction on 146th Street & SR 37 has been completed. This phase consisted of the temporary pavement on SR 37 and 146th Street and median work. Phase II construction is underway with traffic moved to the interior lanes and all left turns restricted on SR 37 and on 146th Street as work begins on constructing the ramps. Through traffic and right turns on SR 37 and 146th Street will remain open during this phase. Drivers are encouraged to seek alternate routes for all left turn access. This phase is anticipated to be completed by the end of November. See the Alternate Route Map.

    alternate route map