Once complete, what will SR 37 intersections from 126th to 146th Streets look like?

The improvement project will convert each cross street from a signalized intersection to a roundabout interchange with an on/off exit system. Much like the improvements made to Keystone Parkway in the City of Carmel, the SR 37 project will be a separated grade project to allow for free flowing thru traffic on SR 37 and increased traffic flow for the cross streets. An Intersection Rendering is available and additional information will be made available for each rehabilitated intersection. Check our Project Information Page for project updates.

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1. Why is this project needed?
2. What intersections will be improved as a part of this infrastructure project?
3. Once complete, what will SR 37 intersections from 126th to 146th Streets look like?
4. The improvement projects include a separated grade with roundabout interchanges; what other alternatives were studied when evaluating this project?
5. I travel SR 37 to and from I-69 every workday. Once complete, how will this impact my commute?
6. I don’t travel on SR 37 daily, but I do cross it at very busy intersections. Once complete, how will these improvements impact me?
7. How much will this project cost and who is funding the improvements?
8. Will my taxes go up to help pay for this project?
9. Since this project is a partnership between various agencies, who will control the construction schedule and maintenance of traffic?
10. What is the timeline for the improvement project on SR 37?
11. How will the project construction impact my commute?
12. How will this improvement project benefit businesses located along SR 37?
13. What is the environmental impact of this improvement project?
14. What is the detour route for the SR 37 project?
15. Where can I find current updates and more info on this project?